Saxophonist, clarinetist and composer, David Marcos was born in Paris in 1965 from Argentinian parents. He studied with Jean-Jacques Lemêtre, the composer from Théâtre du Soleil, and also with clarinetist Henri Druart.

In 1993, Sacha Distel asked him to join his big band. The collaboration went strong until Sacha's death 10 years later.

In a parisian jam session, he became close with American bassist Wayne Dockery, who, at the time, was part of the Archie Shepp Quartet. The collaboration with Wayne was very prolific.

In 2005, he began to explore a more personal universe with his record "Les Cinq Saisons" (with Cédric Granelle, Wayne Dockery and Stéphane Grémaud).

In 2008, he recorded "En la Cima del Mundo", an improv in Quito, Ecuador (with musicians Daniel Mancero, Toño Cepeda and Fernando Pacheco).

In 2009, he produced the DVD "¡En Vivo!" with his european quartet (Granelle, Dockery, Grémaud).

He then collaborated with Argentine based in Paris singer Juan Carlos Cáceres. Together, they reformed the epic band Tangofón (Juan Carlos Caceres, David Marcos, Fréderic Truet, Javier Estrella).

They were invited to perform in major french jazz and tango festivals ("Jazz sous les Pommiers", "Festival de Biarritz", "Festival de Tarbes », etc).

They recorded together Juan Carlos Cáceres’ CD "Noche De Carnaval", produced by Eduardo Makaroff (Gotan Project).

In 2010, he recorded a tango album "Poesía" in the Cosentino Studios in Buenos Aires with Juan Carlos Caceres, Osvaldo Curucuá and Jorge Rabito (sound by Fabiola Russo).

David Marcos developed his own personal universe in France and in other parts of the world.

He was invited several times to the jazz festival "In Situ" (Quito, Ecuador). The club "Notorious" (Buenos Aires, Argentina) also booked him for an exclusive series of concerts.

The French Institute invited him to participate in the "Chileuropa" jazz festival for special performances in Santiago, Valparaiso and a concert at the CCK of Buenos Aires.

Most recently, Marcos performed at the Sunset, the most famous jazz club in Paris.

In 2021, he unveils an unconventional version of Juan Sebastián Bach's "Suites for Cello" recorded with the bass clarinet (sound by Fabiola Russo).